Sites - Coronation Gardens

This is a calm place where one can simply relax and enjoy nature. It neither over-crowded, nor unclean. It has a nature-reserve area in which there are many different species of birds to watch. Location-wise it is very easy to get to ad you don’t have to walk far with a nearby station and many different bus routes. There is a beautiful pond, fountain and an incredible maze, which can be fun for the younger ones. You can take pictures there and enjoy nature at its best.

Green leaves around an individual plant
  • Green leaves around an individual plant
  • Green tree, with is branches sticking out
  • Scenery of pond, with rocks and leaves
  • A plant of thorns with green leaves
  • Close up of a yellow and orange plant
  • Plants and vines wrapped around wooden hedge
  • Sign post saying Lyttelton Road
  • A tree silhouetted against a blue sky


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Waltham Forest
Oliver road, Leyton, London
E10 5PW
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Buses: 158, 69, 97. Tube: Leyton
020 8459 6300

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