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Beckton Globe is a big community centre with many services and the Beckton library. People can come to have computer and language lessons. There is also a sports area where people can play basketball , football and do gym,
The rooms are well equipped and the space is nice.

Computer room-man working on computer
  • Computer room-man working on computer
  • young boys playing football at indoor sports hall
  • boys playing pool
  • Beckton Globe entrance
  • library entrance
  • library book shelf
  • Beckton Globe entrance
  • Sign for Adult education and youth services

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  1. Mary Foley

    August 17th 2010 - 08:00am

    3 Stars

    Bright, colourful and a much welcoming site!!! the site reflects the diversity of our community well done peeps!!

  2. Coleen

    September 23rd 2010 - 14:31pm

    3 Stars

    I would like to know if there are any combined Degree courses available at The Globe, p/t, f/t, and if so please forward any information about it to the above email address.

    Many thanks.



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