Sites - Royal Victoria Dock Footbridge

Use this bridge if you need to cross the dock between ExCeL and Silvertown. It’s a new bridge with great views of the Docklands, Millennium Dome and London City Airport. A walkway links the Custom House DLR station with the ‘state of the art’ ExCeL exhibition centre situated close to the Custom House Hotel. There is also dockside access. Come out of the station, walk to ExCeL and see the bridge across the river. There are too many steps, best to take the lift. There’s a great view from the bridge. You can see the Thames, the docks and ExCeL and watch planes take off from London City Airport

young people walking on the bridge
  • young people walking on the bridge
  • the footbridge
  • friends playing on footbridge
  • 'warning i expect high fashion' poster
  • view from bridge
  • lift to footbridge


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Between the ExCeL Centre and Silvertown
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