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An old deserted building with a big history… Millennium Mills is a huge deserted flourmill on the Royal Victoria Dock first built in 1932 and the only surviving relic of the flour milling industry in London’s docks. It’s a nice building to look at and part of our local heritage. A lot of people worked there. It was their livelihood, then it closed down and people had to get different jobs. Now it’s empty and no-one works or sets foot in there.

Millennium Mills building
  • Millennium Mills building
  • windows in the old Millennium Mills building
  • Millennium Mills site
  • Millennium Mills building from the river
  • building site hoardings
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  1. Dee

    April 1st 2011 - 11:35am

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    Does anyone know of anyone who used to work at the Millenium Mills, and would be interested in talking to a journalist about the site. Are there any local residents who would be interested in talking to me about the future of this site? Thanks very much, as soon as please.


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