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The signage in the area around the Olympic Park is fascinating to see, as the diverse mix of styles and colours amaze you over and over again. If you take the time to look closely and carefully, you’ll find that words and pictures are all around us, delivering varied and often contradictory information about the nearby area. These hidden works of art can range from a colourful road sign to an ingenious piece of graffiti, and you’ll never be disappointed by what the area has to offer.

The word LOOK diagonally against a black tarmac background
  • The word LOOK diagonally against a black tarmac background
  • A rusted sign saying Marshgate Lane on a wall, beside fences with the Olympic stadium in the background
  • A pink building with the words H FOREMAN & SONS in silver on it, with green leaves in the foreground
  • The word ANGER on a yellow sign, hanging from a grey fence
  • A large, rusted plaque on the ground with the words MARSH GATE LANE on it
  • The words NO PEDESTRIAN ACCESS AHEAD in white, against a vibrant red background
  • light reflecting off water
  • A yellow sign bearing a warning of a nearby electric fence, hanging from a grey fence


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East London Region
E20, E15, E9, E10
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Overground, DLR or tube (Jubilee or Central Line) to Stratford. DLR to Pudding Mill Lane.