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Use the tunnel or the ferry to cross the river so you don’t get wet! The Woolwich foot tunnel and ferry are the only means of crossing the River Thames near here. The ferry runs all day, every day and there is a lift for the tunnel. I love the sound of water dripping in foot tunnel. It is a perfect place to hang out and very calm. The ferry is fun. You can stand on deck and watch the river. There’s a good sports centre on the south side.

looking back at North Woolwich
  • looking back at North Woolwich
  • on the ferry
  • trucks, cars and motorbikes on the ferry
  • looking out
  • getting off
  • passenger gangway
  • view of the ferry from the ferry
  • river bank on the north side


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Runs between Pier Road, North Woolwich Ei6
New Ferry Approach, London, SE18 6DX

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Buses: 473, 474. DLR to King George V.
0208 921 5786
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