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The Cutty Sark is a famous clipper ship, re-opened in 2012 after a fire. During the last few years it has been restored to the form it once had, and a glass museum has been built beneath the ship. The original figurehead of Nannie has been copied to be put on the ship’s bow. This is great to visit as the ship is so historical and artistic. Cutty Sark Gardens is a nice place to hang out in, plus you can see great views across the river.

Name of ship
  • Name of ship
  • Restoring ship
  • Greenwich pier sign
  • Ship seen through builders' screen
  • The ship’s mast
  • Detail of carving
  • Rigging
  • Discover Greenwich banner


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Cutty Sark Gardens, Greenwich, London
SE10 9LW
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Buses: 386 , 286, 129, 177. DLR to Cutty Sark.
020 8858 2698