Sites - High Elms Country Park

This is just outside the borough of Greenwich, but if you are interested in walks, afternoon coffee or playing golf, you would love this park. It covers over 250 acres and includes a golf course and cafe. Every season there are all types of animals and plants to see. The café serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. If you enjoy sports then bring your equipment and play on one of the fields, where there is beautiful scenery and plenty of room for your activities. There is also a ‘look, touch and smell’ trail. The park is beautiful in every type of weather. Take a look!

Close up of a leaf
  • Close up of a leaf
  • Beech tree pods
  • Close up of green berries on a tree with a fence in the background.
  • Close up of wooden fence
  •   Close up of red berries
  • Wooden fence
  • Chopped down tree
  •  red dog waste bin


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East London Region
Shire Lane, Orpington
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Buses: R1, R5, R8, R11, 146, 261, 358, 402. Rail to Orpington.
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